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Transfusion Medicine / Blood Bank

Department of Transfusion Medicine / Blood Bank

We are committed to deliver high quality services by assuring the supply of safe and quality blood and its components (PRBC, FFP, SDP). The blood bank department at Dukh Niwaran Hospital offers a range of tests and services to ensure the safe and effective use of blood components for patients like red cells, platelets and plasma. The laboratories undertake the full range of blood group and antibody identification and provide appropriate blood for transfusion to patients. We also undertake monitoring of blood groups and antibodies in pregnancy and specialized management of patients with complex transfusion needs.

Whole Blood The most common type of donation, in the form of ‘whole blood’ is taken. The blood is separated into transfusable components – red cells, plasma and platelets. This type of blood donation usually takes about 8-10 minutes.

PRBC Packed Cell: If a patient needs blood, there are multiple types of blood replacements available. A doctor can take a call on what type of blood replacement will be given.

Fresh Frozen Plasma: Liquid portion of the blood is frozen and preserve to be used for blood transfusion

Random Donor Platelets: Platelets from different donors are consolidated to meet the requirement of patient’s (pooled platelets)

Single Donor Platelets: Platelets are obtained from the donor by apheresis process in a safe & controlled system.