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Department of Paediatrics

Paediatrics is a distinctive specialty and specially trained physicians with extensive experience treat infants and children of all ages (from birth through adolescence). Paediatricians are doctors who diagnose and manage the physical and as well as the mental health of your child. Our experienced team of Paediatricians caters to the Medical and Surgical Needs of Newborns, Toddlers, Teenagers and Adolescents. Our team of Doctors are efficient to Manage Emergencies and Intensive Care needs among Children.

Our dedicated pediatric unit is committed to give optimal care, without over medication, to all children, from infant to young adult. Our pediatric specialists treat patients with a variety of acute and chronic conditions and disabilities, ranging from various infectious and non infectious diseases.

Antenatal Management

As most of the congenital deformities can be diagnosed during antenatal check-ups, the parent counseling, plan of management, advice regarding time and mode of delivery can be discussed with the concerned obstetrician and the changes in the management can be made.

Paediatric Gastroenterology

The Centre is totally equipped with facilities for operations of GIT, hepatobiliary, PSARP and pull through procedures. We also have facilities for interventional radiology whenever needed.