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Critical Care / ICU

Department of Critical Care / ICU

The critical care units are equipped with the state of the art diagnostic, monitoring and therapeutic devices. Adopting international guidelines and protocols in the organization and patient care, all the critical care units are staffed with an adequate and well qualified critical care team. The units have round the clock access to Microbiologists, Radiology & laboratory services, Physiotherapy and Dietary services, thus making them comprehensive and unique. Delivering efficient care to the critically ill patients, the units rise up to international standards. A special mention must be made about the medical intensive care units, which includes the intermediate care units also.

Intensive care is needed if someone is seriously ill and requires intensive treatment and close monitoring, or if they’re having surgery and intensive care can help them recover. Most people on an ICU have problems with one or more organs. For example, they may be unable to breathe on their own.

Salient Features / Facilities:
  • Multidisciplinary team treating wide spectrum of illnesses, including multi organ failures. Particularly experienced in treating infectious, gastroenterological and liver patients.
  • Separate Isolation Room ICU Care to prevent spread of cross infections with positive and negative ventilation facility.
  • Advanced Care such as High end hemodynamic monitoring, invasive neuro monitoring, ECMO and CRRT Point of Care Ultrasound and 2D echo for evaluation and monitoring ICU patients
  • Rehabilitation which includes early nutrition, mobilizing the patient soon out of the bed, providing physiotherapy, restore core body strength and most importantly motivating the patient.